What to look for transport organization while having a limo from Newark airport to NY

Newark Airport to NY

It may be that you are trying to select a transport organization to have airport transfer from Newark airport. Various transport organizations offer such services. However, we at NY NJ Express stand separated from the others. If you notice our qualities, you can understand we stand ahead in all those when you compare those with other transport organizations. So, people depend on us to have the best limo from Newark airport to NY.


We are one of the most reputable transport organizations in New York and New Jersey to offer airport limo service. If you have a look at our list of satisfied customers, you can gauge the reputation that we have. We have the best customer rating to offer the best quality transport. You can expect safe, fast, comfortable and timely transportation service from us.


The condition of our limos demonstrates the quality of service you can have from us. All our limos are well-maintained, clean and sanitized to offer safe and comfortable service. Organizations in New York and New Jersey clean their limos, but very few sanitize their limos; we are one of them. Therefore, it will never happen that due to mechanical failure of our limos you miss a flight or reach late an important meeting. We also have an extensive fleet of limos of various sizes so that you can hire according to necessities. 

Limo From Newark Airport To NY

Follow your schedule 

When you book a limo from Newark airport to NY from us, be it through an online process or by calling us, you need to mention when you need a pickup or drop off. As you say, we confirm your booking and schedule a limo for your service. We track your schedule, and if there is a change in your schedule, we follow that and customize our service accordingly. So even if your plane lands late or the take-off time has changed, you will expect our limos waiting for you.


All our chauffeurs are well-trained, background checked, courteous and local. When you have limo service from us, you can expect a courteous chauffeur to welcome you to the limo while helping you with your luggage. They will drive you safely to your destination and on time. They are aware of the local traffic pattern and road diversions as they are local. They avoid congested roads to maintain time and do not drive without following traffic rules.


We are transparent about our charges. We offer you an initial quote and stick to that. There are no hidden charges to astonish you. Our rates are not the lowest; however, it is competitive.

So, when you require a limo from Newark airport to NY, contact NY NJ Express.